Learn The Easy Way To Stop Smoking


Learn The Easy Way To Stop Smoking

Learn The Easy Way To Stop Smoking With The Allen Carrs’ Easy Way – A Proven Method

Many smokers have already acknowledged and accepted that stopping smoking is a very hard task to accomplish.

For those of you, who have already tried to stop smoking before without success, know how tough it is to deal with the cravings during the withdrawal period. Therefore if you want to free yourself from nicotine addiction, then you need to go through some of these challenges thoroughly so you can prepare yourself and get ready for the day when you decide to face that quit smoking date.

The Reason For Cigarette Addiction

The nicotine found on the leaves of the tobacco plant is a highly addicting chemical. Unconsciously, lighting up just one single cigarette is more than adequate to start your dependence on this substance. Many people do not know this at the start right up until they become addicted and when they try to stop, they will realize that stopping has become a very difficult task.

Smoking Patterns

Smoking has two aspects in the life of a smoker;

  1. It is a habitual pattern, and it is an addiction. As an individual continues smoking, lighting up a cigarette will be associated with all the other everyday routine you have adapted and gotten used to.
  2. So when such a routine takes place, the smoker will quickly discover that she or he won’t be able to consume, for example, a cup of tea if there are no cigarettes around. Smoking will shortly be a part of the smoker’s existence and will feel deprived and short-tempered if they won’t be able to smoke but so desperately wants to.

Knowing these two patterns, your habit and addiction to nicotine will enable you to ward off your adversary throughout the withdrawal period. If you are wondering which one of the two smoking patterns is the easiest to conquer, the easiest to beat among the two is actually the addiction.

For the habit and association, this is where you need to focus all your efforts in managing them. You shouldn’t ever underestimate these associations no matter how simple they might be because your success and failure are determined by how you will handle them.

You need to change the whole deliberation about cigarette smoking to remove the brainwashing which was planted in your mind. You must believe that cigarette smoking is detrimental and you have to win over your thoughts and that you must give up smoking and the sooner the better.

The simplest way to transform the way you think and modify your mind’s belief about smoking is to replace all of them with the correct ones. This could easily be done by first making a declaration and putting it down on paper as a written statement to yourself and reading that declaration frequently until eventually, your mind welcomes them.

Imagining that you are currently a non-smoker will also support and strengthen that positive thought quite a bit. A good advice would be to make a list of all the benefits that you will obtain as soon as you give up. Emphasize the main reasons why you have to or need to stop smoking. Read this statements and affirmations every day right until you establish self-confidence. Additionally, you can register with quit smoking forums to answer essential concerns and queries which you may have.

In turn, you can also join and take one of the leading online lectures which will help you stop smoking the easy way and without putting on weight with those cravings.

Once you’ve prepared yourself, select a “quit smoking date” and then give up. If ever you fail on your initial attempt, go back and start all over again until you attain your desired goals. Remember, the longer you were a smoker – the harder it will be to quit smoking.

If you notice that you cannot stop all on your own, then it is time for you to use stop smoking products like the gum and patches but we recommend you check out Allan Carrs Easy Way To Stop Smoking.

Do not be scared of side effects of quitting smoking which you will encounter such as headaches, irritability, sleep loss, etc. these are just standard withdrawal symptoms, they are short term and are not serious.

You may also see your physician or talk with other ex-smokers to provide you with advice and discover where you have been failing. Always be positive, have confidence in yourself and be proud of becoming a non-smoker once again.

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